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When you choose AE Wealth Management, you join the second-fastest-growing RIA in the nation and a company committed to comprehensive financial planning. What’s more, you join a team that already knows your business well — and can help you build the practice of your dreams.

Turnkey Transition Process

  • A highly knowledgeable and integrated transition team, across AUM, annuity and life, will develop a customized transition plan for you.
  • Our Compliance team helps manage the paperwork required to transition your business and meet your state’s regulatory requirements.
  • Case Design helps you maximize your time with clients by preparing fee analyses and presentations for you.
  • AE Wealth Management works closely with you on every aspect of your transition, including research, document processing and training.
  • Your AEWM transition consultant can help you organize a client paperwork-signing event, with AEWM staff on hand to ensure your event is a success.
  • Our team provides operations and technology training for you and your associates before, during and after your transition.
  • It takes an average of 60 to 90 days to transition to AE Wealth Management – we help you save time so you can focus on running your business.
  • Once your client applications are signed, we help you and your staff to open new accounts, submit transfers and enable cash management.
  • Our service team carefully monitors the feedback we receive from transitioning advisors to help us constantly improve our turn times and handle any ongoing service issues.

AE Wealth Management takes the complexity out of moving to a new RIA or changing custodians

Cutting-Edge Technology

Backed by industry-leading technology, our platform makes it easy for you to make informed decisions in line with your clients’ risk tolerance and overall financial goals.

  • AE Wealth Management’s integrated technology platform – investment management, financial planning and retirement planning – helps you give clients a 360-degree view of their finances.
  • Industry-leading software helps ensure that your clients’ portfolios align with their risk profile and that they benefit from a customized retirement plan with daily account recalibration.
  • Integrated advisor dashboards and single-source login help simplify client acquisition, account opening, trading, re-balancing and more.
  • When you join AEWM, you integrate your Wealth Management team with the Advisors Excel Annuity and Life teams you already trust to help you make holistic recommendations to clients.
  • Our entire team is focused on helping you offer an outstanding client experience, with real-time reporting, tools and resources to inform and engage your audience.
  • Learn about our all-encompassing platform and holistic approach toward financial planning with a variety of AEWM’s technology trainings and small groups.
  • Our Client Welcome Kit will help you explain the transition to a new RIA and how clients will benefit from the change.
  • Our InvestmentHQ mobile app helps your clients monitor their portfolio performance — and stay connected with you.
  • You can demonstrate your ongoing commitment to your clients’ entire financial picture with a broad selection of white papers, consumer-facing presentations and client brochures.

Leading Money Management

  • Our outsourced Chief Investment Officer is Sterling Capital Advisory Solutions, an investment firm with a stellar reputation and an institutional, disciplined approach to investing.
  • With more than $56 billion in AUM, Sterling’s clients include some of the most recognizable corporations in the country and that the firm’s investment solutions range from fixed income and equity to multi-asset class.
  • Our partnership with Sterling means you have access to rigorous asset allocation modeling, turnkey portfolio design services and regular market updates.
  • As an objective-based investment manager, Sterling offers distinct investment teams with a common goal to generate strong risk-adjusted returns.
  • Sterling’s team of more than 50 Chartered Financial Analysts will help you manage your clients’ portfolio allocations, through research and a disciplined, long-term approach.
  • The AE Wealth Management platform employs historically proven principles of successful investing: active asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing.
  • We perform extensive and exhaustive due diligence on all investment managers, identifying those with a disciplined, transparent and repeatable process.
  • Every year, Sterling’s team conducts over 500 due diligence meetings to protect your clients and your practice, providing the reports for your records.
  • Through comprehensive monthly and quarterly statements, Sterling carefully monitors portfolios to help ensure they remain consistent with your clients’ stated investment objectives.

AE Wealth Management provides a trusted, thoroughly vetted and heavily monitored money-management platform that is inline with your fiduciary responsibilities and designed to help your clients feel confident about retirement.

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